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Any use of the word ‘us’ or ‘our’ refers to Jamie Dickinson and any authorized colleagues, including but not limited to, apprentices. Any use of the phrase ‘end user’ refers to you as a customer or visitor to the website.

Any private information submitted by the end user to us will only be kept on the our servers and central head office computer. Information will be taken from the end user when visiting the site, including, but not limited to, a log of the pages visited, as well as the timing and frequency of visits. This will only be used to research customer trends and to help modify the website to fit customer needs. This data will not be personally identifiable, and will only be used to aide research and improve the site as well as our product range and services offered.

Personal information and comments submitted to the site (through account registration or posting a comment on our portfolio) will only be kept on the servers of Jamie Dickinson Portfolio and any subsequent secure backup. End user’s payment details will not be kept on either, our servers or computers, nor will it be able to be seen by Jamie Dickinson Portfolio customers or employees.

Some third parties, such as Google AdSense and Analytics have authorization to place and read cookies on the end users browser, or make use of web beacons to collect information. This is the software that serves ads to this website, as well as the software used to track end user website access for research purposes (respectively).

Last edited: 1st June 2009

Concept and production

This Web site was created using WordPress open-source software.
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All website images are copyright of Jamie Dickinson Portfolio, and cannot be used without explicit written permission. The same copyright constraint applies for all written product text.