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Magic Basement

Posted on Oct 14, 2013 in Websites | 2 comments

Magic Basement [Preview]

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Magic Basement needed an eCommerce website design in Surrey and so picked the best graphic designer from Farnham.

To create a small ecommerce website for online niche magic retailer with a national presence. The store wished to have all the bells and whistles that typically only large retailers can enjoy such as loyalty schemes and bulk discounts.

What was done:
An eCommerce website was setup which allowed consumers to view a broad range of magic tricks alongside streaming videos of how such illusions were achieved. The site was built with the knowledge that the tricks are held in several warehouses across the UK and therefore required the eCommere software to know where various stock was being held as well as allowing for multiple shipments from a single order; these facts were all factored into the creation of the backend.


  1. Designing is an art and complete justice should be shown to the expectation of public. The design must be original with apt suitability to the type of business you are doing, i.e. a website design for crockery will seem awkward for a website for real estate. Thus it is of apex significance that this factor must be considered before the process of ecommerce web designing is started. Attractiveness of a web design matters a lot but there is not any phenomenon such that a good design will fetch you enormous business.

  2. If you designing site for e-commerce then one thing you has to consider as per customer point of view that navigation. how they find desirable product with in less time that you has to think how they easy come to know about discount or recent offers…and many more things.

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