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King’s Chinese Restaurant

Posted on Mar 23, 2008 in Websites | 8 comments

Kings Chinese Odiham Website [Preview]

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King's Chinese Restaurant Preview

King’s Chinese Preview

King’s Chinese Restaurant needed a restaurant website design and turned to a Farnham website designer.

To provide an elegant and modern website for Odiham’s local Chinese Restaurant – King’s. The website must be bright and easy to navigate, as well as holding simple detailed information on where the restaurant is and what it contains.

What was done:
By layering several images on top of each other, a complex structure was easily manipulated onto the website, but by still keeping a simplistic and easy to use website for users. The end result is that the website contains five very simple pages that have a unique look with fonts and images custom created and not seen elsewhere online.



  1. I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll check up on your new works as and when its made!

  2. Love the reasturant! Love the site!

  3. i found your site on the kings website, and having had a look a your other work i think this is my favourite.

  4. Ive seen some similar sites, but nothing that works that well together! Congrats!

  5. beautiful! can you do this for my boss’ indian restaurant? but we are based in clapham.

  6. when i first saw this i thought it was a bit too bright, but in retrospect it does stand out to the rest of the works seen on the web!

  7. Hey! Really pretty website! I’ve eaten at Kings before, i’ll see if I can pop in again!

  8. orange?!

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