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Posted on Nov 2, 2008 in Websites | 6 comments

iShopStyle Website [Preview]

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iShopStyle Preview

iShopStyle Preview

iShopStyle needed a fashion eCommerce website design and so chose leading Surrey website design.

To implement an interesting and modern Web 2.0 eCommerce site, which provides all modern eCommerce needs, including detailed statistics, user accounts, vouchers, stock management, loyalty points and referral accounts.

What was done:
The latest web 2.0 eCommerce system was integrated; this allowed the client to be able to continue to modify the site’s products and categories on a day to day basis, without interfering with the layout and look of the site. The software also allowed to easily manage user registrations, orders, and a host of statistics to help mold and reform their shop’s products. All of the administration was created to be easily usable without the need for training.


  1. Hello. I think site looks really interesting. I am interested in seeing more sites. How soon will you update your blog?

  2. such an awesome website! i mention ishopstyle on my blog a lot. awesome to meet the maker.

  3. We could say that layout is what designers squeeze into available technology — content is the culture manifested in the layout. “Space’ is the envelope holding layout and content together.

  4. I’ve been searching everywhere for a site like ishostyle.

  5. Nice site, i remember finding somewhere else to do with asos competitotrs. Made me want to do another search in yahoo for more info and stumbled upon this blog post. Great site.

  6. Many thanks for creating this.

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