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Gabe Bondoc

Posted on Oct 3, 2009 in Websites | 4 comments

Gabe Bondoc Website [Preview]

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Gabe Bondoc Preview

Gabe Bondoc Preview

Gabe Bondoc Music looked for a UK music website design and turned to us as leading London website designers.

To provide a simplistic music download website for a growing YouTube sensation.

What was done:
An eCommerce system was set up and developed to provide music that was available to download instantly upon purchase. Free music was later added for those users who registered online.


  1. i dont seem to be able to register can you fix it!

  2. what can you make in terms of an itunes site for my band, we are only small.

  3. I need a site like this but I need the MP3s to be securely hosted, can you do that.

  4. The site is pretty basic but the download stuff is cool

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