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Deal Lounge

Posted on Sep 23, 2012 in Websites | 4 comments

Deal Lounge Wholesale [Preview]

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Deal Lounge need an eCommerce design Surrey and chose us as their wholesale website design.

To provide a large B2B eCommerce website which allowed for bulk purchases of high fashion clothing.  Customised account options as well as discount pricing for groups of customers were also a requirement.

What was done:
A robust eCommerce framework was integrated into a simply laid out website, which allowed busy business customers to easily view and purchase wholesale products without the fuss of additional marketing techniques of a standard B2C site such as banners and loyalty point schemes.


  1. coding looks pretty complex, nice stuff man.

  2. Jamie, I dont know if you remember me but I used to go to school with you. Can’t believe I came across you and you now have all these fantastic sites. You seem to have made good of yourself! Hope you are well.

  3. damn jamie you are the boss. loving the site, all the work is pretty sweet but orange is my fav colour so this one wins.

  4. Do you know how I can contact these guys about buying off them for personal use or is it just for businesses??

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