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The College Party

Posted on Jun 17, 2007 in Graphics, Websites | 5 comments

The College Party Website [Preview]

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The College Party Preview

The College Party Preview

The College Party night club website dropped an email to us as a leading Farnham graphic designer to give them a free quote.

To create a powerful and exciting website, with the use of professional fonts, combined with rounded modern imagery. Website must be easily accessible for visitors, and have a very simple eCommerce system that allows visitors to purchase club and party entry tickets.

What was done:
A custom built night club website, using only images, conveys modern fonts rarely seen on other sites. eCommerce was handled through the cost effective method of PayPal, which allowed for the shopping basket to be displayed on the site and maintained with ease.


  1. Wow, I’ve been longing to have a site like this up for ages, could you guys help me out at all?

  2. Thanks for the advice about not running queries with regular expressions containing metacharacters at the beginning and end of the line – lifesaver.

    Without them, the expression works. What is my problem now? It’s all under PHP, and all in UTF-8.

    Loving the work of late by the way – keep it up!

  3. I truly appreciate your work! :D the results are always great !

  4. When I firstly saw your portfolio, I’ve been around in many pages that I’ll use to get my final assignment on ‘design portoflios’. I googling with my short idea in my brain, and then I met with useful creations. I hope you can give several advices to me, because your knowledge is great, it can help many students to get great score in every design task or project. If you don’t mind, I will contact you to make short discussion for my website project. I write my short comment for you to give support for your site; my friends had used your ideas as reference. Thanks in advance, hope you contact me, so I can broaden our ideas together.

  5. Thanks for a valuable creation!

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