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1 Day Only

Posted on Apr 18, 2009 in Websites | 13 comments

1 Day Only Website [Preview]

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1DayOnly Preview

1DayOnly Preview

1 Day Only daily deal site UK needed a daily deal aggregator designed by Guildford website design.

To create a small but exciting website, that can be easily edited by the client. The site needed to house a very simple eCommerce system that allows visitors to purchase a daily deal that changed every 24 hours.

What was done:
A custom built navigation system, simplified the site, allowing the client to be able to continue to modify the site each day as their deal changes by simply uploading the photograph of their daily deal and adjusting any relevant descriptions. eCommerce was handled through the cost effective method of PayPal Credit Card processing, which allows for the shopping basket to be displayed on the site and maintained with ease.


  1. i’ve bought from this site before! nice layout guys, i love the shouting man on the contact page! i wish i could do graphics like you.

  2. Good afternoon, I am from a company called ‘B4 Its Gone’ and we are looking to a very similar website to that of your clients’, could you please give us a quote?


  4. I really like and respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  5. Very interesting and innovative works. I look at it all with great pleasure.

  6. I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  7. In truth, immediately i didn’t like the site. But after re-looking at it; it’s reallllllly started to grow on me!

  8. I looked at a few of your sites. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

  9. I added your sites to my bookmarks. And i’ll have a look at your updates more often!

  10. Love the detailing on this, just a quick question is the CSS verified on all your sites?


  11. Quite a beautiful website. I built mine and i was looking for some design ideas and you gave me a few. Did you develop the website alone?


  12. I have built a blog and I am trying to find a new template.I got some ideas from here! You could visit my website and tell me your opinion!

  13. in russian we say ‘the creator must outlive his eyes’. you’ve done very nice.

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